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The experience of a valuable product is never been so unique


Valuable goods like jewelry, luxury watches and pens aren’t just physical objects. Their value also comes from their story. Most of the times, their value involves an important emotional component.


With the advent of digital natives in the luxury market there are new opportunities to exploit the digital dimension where the intangible value of precious items can be fully expressed and perceived.

Needs and Answers

Plenty of brands write blogs, send out marketing emails and use social media to keep their customers in the loop, but not all of these brands make a connection.

We think that for luxury brands the Internet should not represent wider distribution of actual products, but a wider distribution of the content that evokes the higher value of luxury products.

This would be a way to enhance the brand experience and provide the exclusivity that is expected from a luxury retail experience, with the consequential effect of creating a deeper bond between the consumer and the luxury brand.

Luxury brands which have authenticity, provenance and heritage knitted into their DNA and are grounded in social responsibility will have stories that resonate with today’s more considered consumers.

We think that this stories, along with the product’s own identity, should be valorized, and the owner should be empowered to interact with the item’s history to enrich it with his or her own memories and story.

We are developing an application that works as a digital vault for your personal collection of valuable goods.
Every item’s value is enhanced by its digital identity, where its history is registered, and the owner can enrich it with a new story, his/her own. This is possible by adding digital contents that can involve pictures, videos, text (diary pages), GPS location and even themes (to change the way your items look in your collection). Furthermore, every product registered in the collection is provided with a certificate of authenticity and ownership through a cryptographic system based on the blockchain technology, and there is possibility to send the certificates to other users, to make secondary market purchases safer and easier.

The overall aim is to create a deeper bond between products and owners, turning consumers into collectors.


Benefits for luxury companies

Benefits for end users

For every product in the personal collection, the mobile and web blockchain-based app provides:

The blockchain process behind it

How it works

When a new product is made the manufacturer puts on the blockchain a digital certificate of the product.
Every product transaction will be written on the blockchain and then certified by it.